Arangkel village lies at 4 kilometer distance on South of Kel town. From kel town the gentle descending link road leads toward Arangkel Bridge, from where one can trek the gentle up raising winding trekking path leads toward this small beautiful village, surrounded by thick forest. Arangkel and its surrounding forest is ever largest flat terrace in Neelum Valley. From hear toward Northeast, across the River Neelum, the escalating view of Shounthar valley encircled by snow capped mountains among which Shounthar by pass, Chichil Peak,Hari Parbat, Nangi Mali and Sarwali Peak ( Adjacent to Nanga Parbat) ever attract the tourists. Toward the North view of Historical Nardi Peak and toward the west, Ratti Gali peak offer scenic beauty of Neelum. Arangkel remained an attractive destination for tourist from all over the country. The construction of roads and cable car are in progress to fulfill the desire of tourists, Musk Deer Resort is being one of the best new facility to accommodate the families and nature lovers The main ethnic group of the inhabitants is Mongols. The local people are very polite and educated. Arangkel forest is the ideal home of Musk Deer. Key wildlife species of this area is the Musk Deer, which is a globally threatened animal.Musk Deer are sedentary, remaining within a defined home range throughout the year and usually do not undertake any seasonal migrations even in harsh weather conditions. Male have well-developed upper canines, which may reach a length of 7 cm protruding from the mouth in a fang-like manner. This small deer is very famous for its musk gland. Musk glands are found in males around their navel. These glands contain a dense semi solid oily substance (about 30gm). This is a highly precious and is used in the manufacturing of perfumes and medicines. This gland is the main cause of its population declination.